My One-On-One yoga program is designed to offer you private yoga classes specifically adapted to your needs and interests. You can use my

one-on-one program as a way to balance challenging aspects of your life, for example, career and family, relationships, health and stress.

When you want to start with your first practise we have an intake of 30 minutes before your practise. This is just once.

It's really important that I get to know you, what your goals and needs are and if you have injuries or pains. After the intake we'll start with your practise. 

Because of my background in fitness and total body work-outs I can also give more specific training with weights-tube-barbell or body weight.

So it's not just a women work-out...actually a lot of men follow my classes.

You choose the location. Locations can be your home, hotel, work or another location chosen by you. It's important that the space is quiet and warm. I arrange yoga mats, blankets, music and all the equipment we need.

Enjoy the luxury of your own private teacher!

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