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You want to stay fit and healthy but you have a busy schedule? How would it feel to work-out in your own time and environment with your own private teacher? I offer exclusive and private sessions at home, work, hotel or locations chosen by you.

Together we work-out where and whenever YOU want. You get all the personal attention you need to work on your goals. 

A good private work-out improves your health and reduces stress. 

Private Yoga Classes

Private Pilates Classes

Private Meditation Classes


Healthy Daily Life              Yoga is a great way to make you strong, flexible &  energetic                         

You'll feel more focused & alert and function better in your daily life. 


Meditation Practise                              Yoga Nidra can improve your sleep and               reduce insomnia. It can be helpfull with                     depression and burn- out and release tention         and pain.

 Quote of the Month

  Breath in the good shit, 

   Breath out the bullshit

Balanced Body & Mind       

The Benefits of Pilates can really make a difference in your health.  It's a refreshing body-mind workout.                          


The goal of my private sessions is to make you happy, and make you feel good in body and mind. Are you excited about my sessions? I would love to hear your feedback on my Facebook account or by email.

                                                    Namasté, Carla


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